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Hello! Inspired by this question in the Ask a Mod post, I'm starting a discussion post for the purpose of readers/authors/commenters being able to interact and discuss topics that may not fit into any other category, or would get lost someplace as large as the Prompt Post.

Feel free to post as anon, or under your username. All I ask is that you use good judgment and keep things polite/civil; but otherwise, no topic is off limits. Have fun! :)
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Welcome to the new home of the RESERVOIR DOGS KINKMEME!

The import to Dreamwidth has been successfully completed, and commenting on the Livejournal community has been disabled to prevent overlap.

If you notice any issues, PLEASE report them at the Ask A Mod post.

If you have an incomplete fic that you intend to update, it should be relatively easy to find and continue in the current Prompt Post.

You don't need to become a member of Dreamwidth to participate; anon comments should show up immediately after you post them (unlike Livejournal). However, please feel free to register a user account with Dreamwidth if you would prefer to post your fic under a username (as opposed to being anon).

Hugs and have fun!!
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It has been articulated to me in the Ask A Mod post that changes are coming to livejournal which means the elimination of paid accounts. The end result is anticipated to be an environment that is more social-media oriented, and less fan community oriented.

Since some members have already raised concerns about Livejournal's apparent recurring bug where some (if not all) anon comments are temporarily made invisible if one isn't logged in as a Livejournal user (thus forcing someone to create an account), I thought I'd start a poll asking if the community should be migrated to Dreamwidth.

Note: the community's formatting/style will most likely be slightly different, but all content will remain intact.

Should the community migrate to Dreamwidth? free polls 
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September 27th, 2012

Comment here when you've filled a prompt, so as to make it easier to find. Trigger warnings are required -- please refer to this list.

Format your comment like so:

SUBJECT LINE: Round #, character/ship

Prompt: [prompt text + link]
Fill: [the link to the fill + title if applicable]
Content: [kink + warnings if applicable/not included in the prompt]

When listing characters and ships, please use the characters's "code" names (as opposed to their given names) for simplicity's sake and to make searching easier, except in instances where we only know their given names (i.e. Orange/White instead of Freddy/Larry; Blonde/Eddie instead of Nice Guy Eddie/Vic Vega).

Tip: For an easy way to keep up with newly posted fills, log into your Livejournal account and click HERE.
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Here it is! The very first prompt post of the Reservoir Dogs kink meme!

Write a prompt in the comment section (either anon or under your username), labelled with pairing or character(s) and a vague summary (with any applicable warning). Hopefully, someone will see it, be inspired, and reply with a fill. Anyone can write/illustrate/etc any prompt they find the inspiration for. It's like the fandom circle of life.

Before you begin, PLEASE read the RULES POST.


Ask A Mod

Sep. 26th, 2012 11:26 pm
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September 26th, 2012

Feedback? Questions? Suggestions? Post them here!

The current active mod is: [ profile] saphron_girl (additional moderators may be added at a later date)

If your question or comment requires a response, please describe it in the subject line (something simple and descriptive, like "anonymous posting is off" or "prompter forgot warning") so as to make it easier to find.

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September 26, 2012

MOD NOTE: These rules are more just general guidelines to improve organization, and infractions will likely only result in deletion if there is a personal attack, a warning is excluded, or the HTML is mangled.

Click to read full list of Rules/Guidelines... )
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