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Warning/Trigger List

Warning/Trigger List
September 26th, 2012

General rules for warnings:
  • Include all warnings in the subject line of your prompt/fill. (ie, "Warning: torture, noncon")
  • The list below is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. When in doubt, include a warning or ask a mod.
  • If your prompt is missing appropriate warnings, it will be deleted.
  • You do not have to follow the exact language used in this post. Use any word, term or phrase that you deem appropriate.
  • Authors: If, through inadvertence, you posted a fill without a warning, inform us. We will screen it and ask you to repost. The original will thereafter be deleted.
  • Readers: If you find an unwarned prompt or fill, let us know.

  • Required Warnings:
  • abduction / kidnapping
  • ableism
  • abuse (child, domestic, animal)
  • addiction
  • asphyxiation
  • bestiality
  • cannibalism
  • death
  • dub-con
  • eating disorder
  • graphic or extreme violence / gore
  • homophobia
  • incest
  • intoxication
  • misogyny
  • Nazism*
  • necrophilia
  • non-con / rape
  • racism
  • self-injury / self-harm
  • slavery
  • suicide
  • torture
  • transphobia*
  • underage
  • real world situational trauma (actual events, including, but not limited to: genocide, crimes against humanity, hate crimes, natural disasters and disaster relief situations)

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