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saphron_girl ([personal profile] saphron_girl) wrote in [community profile] resdog_kink2012-11-27 10:51 pm

Welcome LiveJournal Users

Welcome to the new home of the RESERVOIR DOGS KINKMEME!

The import to Dreamwidth has been successfully completed, and commenting on the Livejournal community has been disabled to prevent overlap.

If you notice any issues, PLEASE report them at the Ask A Mod post.

If you have an incomplete fic that you intend to update, it should be relatively easy to find and continue in the current Prompt Post.

You don't need to become a member of Dreamwidth to participate; anon comments should show up immediately after you post them (unlike Livejournal). However, please feel free to register a user account with Dreamwidth if you would prefer to post your fic under a username (as opposed to being anon).

Hugs and have fun!!

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