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Mod Post: Community Poll Re: Potential Dreamwidth Migration

It has been articulated to me in the Ask A Mod post that changes are coming to livejournal which means the elimination of paid accounts. The end result is anticipated to be an environment that is more social-media oriented, and less fan community oriented.

Since some members have already raised concerns about Livejournal's apparent recurring bug where some (if not all) anon comments are temporarily made invisible if one isn't logged in as a Livejournal user (thus forcing someone to create an account), I thought I'd start a poll asking if the community should be migrated to Dreamwidth.

Note: the community's formatting/style will most likely be slightly different, but all content will remain intact.

Should the community migrate to Dreamwidth? free polls 

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Do you have a date for when you plan to close the poll? That way we can have an idea of if/when a migration to Dreamwidth might happen. Thanks for continuously modding this community and helping with its direction!